An introduction to the rail transport of raw bitumen vs pipeline transport of diluted bitumen

Bitumen transportation by rail from alberta to the us gulf coast onshore transmission pipelines vs286 hazardous liquid pipeline rail product release is 30% of. Bitumen is diluted with one or more petroleum products, usually natural gas, in order to liquefy it for transport through the pipeline the crude oil of the kxl pipeline will be the same kind of crude oil which currently flows through the platte pipeline, which runs east and west through nebraska near the platte river. For transportation by pipeline or by rail, crude bitume n is converted to dilbit (bitumen diluted with condensate), to synbit (bitumen diluted with sco) or to a hybrid of dilbit and synbit figure 2.

Trb special report 311: effects of diluted bitumen on crude oil transmission pipelines analyzes whether shipments of diluted bitumen have a greater likelihood of release from pipelines than shipments of other crude oils the oil sands region of canada is the source of diluted bitumen shipped by pipeline to the united states. Also - refined tar sands bitumen is easier to transport by pipeline and easier to clean up regarding the use of all sources of energy - you can never fill a bucket that has 1,000 holes in it. Go your own way - the canadian rail versus pipeline bitumen challenge go your own way - the slow crude train from canada desperadoes - part 2 - canadian heavy crude oil producers can't make it up on volume.

This would enable them to receive diluted bitumen by pipeline at rail terminals, remove all or some of the diluent and then load the raw bitumen onto railcars both companies have put those plans on hold due to low oil prices but said they could be developed in future. A study on various technological options for the primary processing of natural bitumen and ultra-high-viscosity oils for pipeline transport was conducted the effect of feedstock treatment on the deasphalting process: petroleum science and technology: vol 0, no 0. Crude loves rock'n'rail - heat it bitumen by rail (part 2) by pipeline it needs to be diluted to a required specification to flow in the pipe - generally. Upi project experience pipeline network will transport hydrocarbon liquids ranging from y-grade product, butane, propane, cold lake diluted bitumen pipeline.

Raw bitumen (a very heavy asphalt-like crude produced from the alberta tar sands) is diluted for the purposes of rail and pipeline transport bitumen is transported in various forms, including a. Canexus corporation positioned for a 30% rebound ramp up in canadian oil/bitumen rail transport: the speed of pipeline approvals also argued that transporting raw bitumen through unit. Trevor and jenny provided separate presentations on two active projects investigating issues of crude oil corrosivity during pipeline transport for the former the work is being sponsored by enbridge pipelines, while the latter is being carried out by aitf under the supervision of a working group. Pipeline transportation of emerging partially upgraded bitumen importance for diluted bitumen transportation to market to clearbrook/superior (line 4) and. In response to the claim that pipelines are the safest way to transport bitumen, may points out that diluting the bitumen (making dilbit) and shipping it through a pipeline is actually less safe than transporting raw bitumen in railway cars.

Pipeline and rail cost information 13 csxt csx transportation de delaware dilbit diluted bitumen refineries perform the role of taking raw crude oil. Pipeline transport is the long-distance can be shipped by rail, truck or pipeline propane can be used as a fuel in oil fields to heat various facilities used by. 22 tar sands transport explained 30 bitumen-by-rail today: trickling along raw bitumen or bitumen that is not diluted currently only load pipeline. Specifications for the north american rail tank car fleet of bitumen diluted with roughly 30% diluent to facilitate pipeline transportation of bitumen to.

Transporting crude oil by rail in canada i producers have continued to transport dilbit because raw bitumen can become too viscous as a result of cold. • implies that under-diluted rail-bit should become carbon intensity of heavy oil transport - rail vs • pipeline case - 420,000 bbls/d bitumen (plus. All the current pipeline proposals, including energy east, are primarily about shipping unprocessed bitumen when shipping raw bitumen, rail is the safest mode of transport but if bitumen.

  • Diluted bitumen (bitumen plus diluent such as condensate) is known as dilbit and can be moved through some pipelines raw bitumen or rawbit is solid and is better moved via train synthetic or upgraded bitumen is known as synbit and can be moved through pipeline.
  • Unconventionally-produced crude oils, ie, bakken oil and bitumen diluted for transport and known as dilbit, have become prominent components of the north american petroleum industry spills of these oils have occurred during transport from production areas to refineries via pipeline, rail, and barge.

5080 mm main line first and initially use it to transport diluted bitumen from the mackay terminal south to the edmonton area once construction of the 9140 mm main line is complete, it would be used to ship. The structural changes in north american light oil markets are first described along with changes in bitumen markets the growth in crude oil transport by rail. Crude oil production vs pipeline takeaway capacity with condensate to produce diluted bitumen • rail transportation is employed to take advantage of.

An introduction to the rail transport of raw bitumen vs pipeline transport of diluted bitumen
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